I’m a tradie from Adelaide, self employed and time poor. I purchased my commercial vehicle sight unseen, but had complete confidence after many conversations with Andy. My broker put Andy and the team through a marathon for a month trying to secure my finance, I can honestly say I would not have had their patience in business, and I firstly thank them for that. Andy picked me up after a flight over late on a Friday afternoon and was the consummate professional. I drove back to Adelaide and was very happy. Now the real story starts, the vehicle started running rough soon after, the engine light came on and I started to worry because there is no statuate warranty on a second hand commercial vehicle. I called Andy, he directed me to my local mechanic, it was diagnosed, fixed and paid for by Scott the owner without question. These repairs were expensive and related to the age and known design issues of the particular vehicle, the mechanic was litterally amazed these guys took care of it. The vehicle hasn’t missed a beat since, and Andy has followed up several times since. I run a small business, deal with many others, its rare to find one that does everything and more to keep a customer happy, especially when they have no obligation. I will be happy to buy sight unseen from Andy and the team in the future, and I thank them for the whole experience. Cheers

Dave from Hahndorf, SA