Hi to the team at YourNextCar

The Nissan is going like a dream and is so easy to drive. There is good vision front and back (something we didn’t enjoy with Commodore) and it is easy to park with the shorter wheel base and good power steering.

Although we were concerned about the high kilometres when we bought it, there is not a knock or rattle in it anywhere.

We were very appreciative of the way that YourNextCar handled the sale and we certainly have never dealt with any dealers in the past who have treated us so well. Usually we have been subjected to terrier-like attacks by determined salespeople who are very difficult to disengage from.

Many moons ago we looked at a FX Holden in a car yard in Nepean Rd. It was an ex cab with 300,000 miles on the clock. When the nearside front door was opened a large piece of the door sill had rusted away and one could look straight down to the ground. The doors were held shut on both sides with leather straps around the pillars and the general appearance was poor and out of curiosity we asked the salesman to start the engine.

We instantly vanished in a cloud of oil smoke until we screamed “Turn it off”. Despite all this, the car still had book retail price on it and the killer was that the salesman asked if “we did our own work”. On receiving an affirmative he said, “Well you’ll soon be able to fix that with a bit of paint and filler.”

We certainly would recommend YourNextCar to anybody.


Graeme & Di C.

Graeme & Di C. – Boronia Vic.